Moti Talao

Moti Talao Sawantwadi
Image Credits: Vivek Joshi

Sawantwadi, as we have repeatedly been stating, is an idyllic town for an excellent sightseeing experience. It has been equated to Nainital in Western India. One of the most sought after options in Sawantwadi is Moti Talao. So, how would you visit the place and enjoy it to the core? Here are few tidbits about Moti Talao and its history.

Moti Talao – The Perfect Destination

Moti Talao Sawantwadi

Image Credits: Vivek Joshi

Moti Talao has been considered to be one of the best destinations in Sawantwadi and surrounding areas. If you consider Sawantwadi as the jewel near the Western Ghats, Moti Talao is the majestic beauty spot.

Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Moti Talao and its beauty. It offers you great sightseeing and excellence and will lure you and your senses. Go for the recreation at its best and explore Moti Talao and bask in the glory of the beautiful surroundings.

History of Moti Talao

Well, Sawantwadi was ruled by the Royal family of Bhonsles and retains the grandeur of the days gone by to the day as well. Surrounded by the lush green beauty of the hills, the city may appear to be a sleepy town on the western coast of Maharashtra.

The lake looks towards the magnificent Palace of the Sawantwadi rulers and offers you a bird’s eye view of the entire Sawantwadi city. The rulers of the province had decided to build two palaces for the ruling family. The work of excavation at the location for the palace that now stands at the location created this beautiful lake. The excavation created a reservoir of water and the ruling family decided to develop the lake just before the palace.

Legend has it that the workers who were involved in the excavation were paid through Pearls for their magnificent work, and thus lake came to be known as Moti Talao – Moti in Marathi stands for Pearls and Talao stands for the lake. Thus Moti Talao means the Lake of the Pearls. Though we may not be in a position to ascertain the truthfulness of this claim, the Moti Talao lives up to its name and rightly can be claimed to be one of the prominent options and worthy of being termed as the pearl of Sawantwadi.

Whay is Moti Talao in Sawantwadi so attractive?

The lake is indeed graceful to the core. The newly added garden that surrounds the Moti Talao makes it even more attractive. The garden along with the lake and the beautiful surroundings make it an excellent view with the majestic elegance, divine look, and imperial grandeur.

The lake offers you several options for spending time with your beloved or even with your family. Even you can enjoy the joy ride with your beloved to your heart’s content.

You can also witness kids feeding the fish inside the lake or jumping int the serene waters in divine enjoyment is what would probably take you back in time to your childhood. In essence, it should bring you face to face with the serene and feel good atmosphere that should be next only godly and heavenly.

The Narendra Hills just opposite the Moti Talao should offer you an exciting and magnificent backdrop to the best experience. The hill and the palace stand as the guarding backdrop to the Talao and the water sports facilities just beneath the hills.

The Moti Talao hosts several water sports activities surrounding the lake. Some of the activities offered include boating, swimming, and paddles. It would indeed be an exciting experience to engage in these activities for the high degree of unmatched thrill and enjoyment. You also have access to the other activities like Boating, Speed boating, Paddle boating, scooter boating at the lake.

The palace gate and the huge clock tower provide a magnificent and beautiful look into the waters of the lake. You can either take a jump into the lake with the paddle boat or choose to walk around the beautiful lake through the lakeside gardens.

If you are staying overnight, you will indeed enjoy the extravaganza of the lights that offer you an excellent view of the lake. As soon as the sun sets, all the streetlights come on at once around the perimeter of the lake. That should indeed be one of the best experiences you would want to experience and perhaps a once in a lifetime experience for most of us. Make your vacation an unforgettable experience by staying late at the lake.

How to reach Moti Talao?

By air – Nearest airport at Dabolim, Goa (87 kms)
By Rail – Sawantwadi Road Railway Station (5 kms)
By Road – Kankavali to Sawantwadi  (53 kms)
Mumbai to Sawantwadi – (505 kms)

Nearby Places of Interest –
Kolgaon Archway –The 300-year-old stone archway. It is only on the outskirts of Sawantwadi.

Sawantwadi Palace – The residential palace for the erstwhile ruling family of the Khemsawants. Just beside the Narendra Hills.

Amboli Hill Station –A hill station on the Western Ghats just on the outskirts of Sawantwadi. The thick forests and canopied tree hills make you live with nature.

Aronda Backwaters – backwaters of Terekhol River, on Goa Maharashtra boundary near Sawantwadi

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Best Time to visit
The place is available to visit 24 hours a day since its a lake, but it may be advisable to visit in the evening for an optimum experience.

So, that was the magnificence of Sawantwadi and one of the best of its attractions – the Moti Talao. Visit it once, and you will enjoy the experience of living in the glory with nature. If you want an unadulterated experience of living and playing with nature, Moti Talao in Sawantwadi is bound to offer you an exciting and enchanting experience you will never forget and would want to visit again and again.

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